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This is the "Support for Members" page of the "AMICAL 2014" website.
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AMICAL's Annual Meeting & Conference for 2014 took place at The American College of Greece in Athens, 14-17 May 2014.


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Registration Financial Support for AMICAL Members

Thanks to our grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, AMICAL is again able to help AMICAL members attend our Annual Conference. The number of attendees, and the number of those requesting travel support, has been growing every year, however, meaning that more people will receive AMICAL support but at a slightly lower level. Individual travel awards may be more competitive this year, and certain minor expenses that were covered in the past - such as airport transfers - will now be the responsibility of attendees. We made this decision after consultation with past conference hosts, and with the intention of being able to help as many AMICAL members as possible to attend. As always, we are offering at least some form of support to all AMICAL members, as shown below.

Support By Member Category

Types of support available Approximate value per attendee Covered for all Full & Affiliate AMICAL members? Covered for all AMICAL Consortial Partner Institutions? Covered for all AMICAL Consortial Partner Individuals?

Conference registration fees


  • participation in all conference events (program sessions, lunches, breaks, reception and group dinner)
  • transportation between hotel and campus on event days
€ 300 YES
if registered by 20 March
(no application required)
if registered by 20 March
(no application required)
if registered by 20 March
(no application required)

Hotel accommodations

  • covers nights surrounding the days you will be participating in the event: up to 4 nights (arrival 14 / departure 18 May) for most attendees; up to 5 nights (13-18 May) for Members Council delegates or committees that have notified the Conference organizers they wish to meet on the 14th
  • includes breakfast
€ 280+ YES
if registered by 20 March
(no application required)


  • Requires application for travel support (see instructions)
  • Limited support available; please seek local funding first
(varies) ELIGIBLE
apply by 16 March

The support indicated above for registration fees and hotel is pre-confirmed and automatic if the indicated registration deadline is respected; for registrations beyond that date, support cannot be guaranteed and will be provided according to available funds.

Travel Support (Airfare)

Applying for Travel Support

Deadline: 16 March
Eligibility: Full & Affiliate AMICAL members

Each AMICAL institution should pay the airfare for at least one of its attendees (a membership requirement), including the institution's AMICAL Representative if possible. If your institution is unable to fund any attendees beyond this, and if it is a Full or Affiliate AMICAL member, you may apply for sponsorship of ONE additional attendee. In exceptional cases, subject to financial need and the conditions below, funding for additional attendees may be requested. Travel support should be requested no later than 16 March.

The total number of these requests that can be honored is very small, so please do not apply unless both of the following conditions are met:

  • the applicant is likely to benefit from and/or contribute to the conference in a significant way, and this can be clearly demonstrated in your request by the relevance of the person's work to the conference program
  • the applicant's institution is unable to find any other means of covering the airfare, given that AMICAL is already covering the majority of other expenses

Responsibilities of those requesting travel support:

  • This request form must be completed by the person requesting support, not by a colleague. If you wish to endorse a colleague, please send your endorsement in an email to
  • In estimating airfare, use the lowest economy-class airfare that is acceptable to you in terms of carrier, itinerary, etc. The more reasonable your request, the more likely we'll be able to fund it, and fund it in the full amount.
  • Awards will be for a specific amount, and attendees or their institutions will be responsible for covering the difference in the event the airfare purchased goes beyond this amount.
  • Those receiving travel support will be asked to take on a volunteer role to help with the local organization during the event, for example as session conveners or reporters.

Responses, either positive or negative, will be sent by email no later than 19 March.

The deadline for travel support has passed

If you have any questions about your travel support request, email us at

Reimbursement Instructions

Complete a Reimbursement Request form

Complete and submit the Reimbursement Request form online. Follow the instructions on that form if you need to claim multiple expenses or document a currency conversion.

Submit Reimbursement Request

Gather your reimbursement documents

You will need to provide all of the following:

  1. Your original boarding passes
  2. A receipt or e-ticket confirmation that shows the following:
    • Name of traveler
    • Amount paid for ticket (indicating currency used)
    • Date of purchase
    • Travel itinerary
  3. (If applicable) Receipts for any other expenses that you've been authorized to claim. These need to show:
    • What was purchased (we can't accept credit-card charge slips that do not show what was purchased)
    • Amount paid
    • Date of purchase
  4. (If applicable) A Multiple Expense Itemization form
  5. (If applicable) A printout of your currency conversion calculation, using a tool like
  6. A printed/completed/signed Reimbursement Request form (ONLY if you did not complete it online)

Submit your documents at event check-in (at ACG)

Put all of the above documents into an envelope labeled with your name and "AMICAL 2014 reimbursement," and give this to an event staff member at the check-in desk at ACG. You may submit your documents anytime the check-in desk is staffed during the event, but if possible you should submit them when you first check in.

If you don't yet have all documents ready

Please do not submit your documents until you have all of them gathered together. If necessary, you may send your complete set of documents after the event to:

AUP Library
AMICAL / Jeff Gima
9 bis rue de Monttessuy
75007 Paris


Depending on the method of reimbursement chosen, if there was no information missing from your forms or documents, you will be reimbursed within 3-4 weeks after the conference.