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This is the "Program Proposals" page of the "AMICAL 2014" website.
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AMICAL's Annual Meeting & Conference for 2014 took place at The American College of Greece in Athens, 14-17 May 2014.


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Program Program Proposals

Staff and faculty from AMICAL member institutions are invited to propose program sessions for the 2014 AMICAL Conference, to be held 14-17 May in Athens, hosted by the American College of Greece.

Deadline: 23 February 2014


Session formats

Proposals will be accepted for the following formats:

  • Posters (1 hour) - informal presentation with the help of a poster or other large visual aid; these sessions take place in a room shared with other presenters, each with a poster to present their topic to attendees that come and go freely
  • Showcase (1 hour) - demonstrate or present an interesting technology-based project or idea you've implemented at your institution, related to libraries, information services, teaching, learning, etc.; these sessions take place in a room shared with other presenters, each with a computer to show their project to attendees that come and go freely
  • Workshops (1 to 2 hours max): hands on, participatory session focused on helping participants build practical skills on a given topic
  • Discussion Groups (1 hour): lead an open discussion, with a subgroup of attendees (typically 10-20) on a topic likely to be of interest to other AMICAL members.
  • Lightning Talks (10 minutes): short, focused presentations structured around 20 slides, each shown for 30 seconds
  • Panel Presentations (10 minutes per presenter): short presentations and/or discussion by several participants centered on a common theme
  • Presentations (20 minutes)

The time allotments indicated above are subject to modification depending on scheduling constraints; for presentation formats, the time indicated is talking time, not including question time following the presentation.

Key criteria for program proposals

The Program Committee may take into account the following factors in deciding whether to accept your proposal:

  • Proposals that encourage active engagement by attendees will be favored. The list of session formats above is therefore in rough order of preference, since session types near the top of the list tend to encourage interaction
  • Topics should
    • address the theme of the conference in a way that will be relevant to expected attendees, or
    • address a different issue that is relevant to AMICAL’s mission and is expected to be of interest to a significant number of attendees
  • Target audiences must include librarians, technologists, or faculty members; proposals that target more than one of these groups will be favored
  • Proposals that involve collaboration, or that support collaboration, between AMICAL member institutions will be favored
  • Only a small number of Presentations and Panel Presentations, which appear to be of exceptional quality or interest, will be accepted; shorter and more interactive presentation formats are encouraged.

Scheduling of sessions

  • If accepted, sessions may potentially be scheduled for any day/time during the conference program days (15-17 May 2014).
  • It is the responsibility of speakers to inform the organizers as early as possible of any scheduling constraints; we cannot guarantee that these constraints will be accommodated, but we will do our best if given sufficient notice.

Program Proposal Form

The call for proposals has ended

If you have any questions about your proposal, email us at